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The entrance
The entrance to the datacenter is comprised of badge-keyed doors that are monitored by the internal tracking system as well as closed-circuit cameras, ensuring that no unauthorized entities may enter the premises.
The server area
The datacenter spans more than 60.000 square feet of raised flooring with multiple AC units maintaining a constant ambient temperature of 70°F. Among the long list of datacenter features are a comprehensive VESDA smoke-detection system, multiple UPS systems to protect against power outages, and multiple generators to ensure that customers are unaffected even in the event of catastrophic power failure.

The datacenter is one of the most secure, boasting over 100 individual motion-sensitive closed-circuit cameras. The security system quite literally follows each visitor throughout the facilities until they have concluded their visit, and this information is routinely archived.
The power area (inside)
The power system was designed for maximum redundancy, ensuring that the servers will never be unavailable due to a power outage. The datacenter utilizes 6 – 500KVA Powerware UPS units for battery backup power in emergency situations. Each unit comprises 160 batteries each for a grand total of 960 batteries and 80 minutes of runtime. The UPS units operate in failover pairs extending the redundancy and runtime of the battery backup units.

All UPS units are monitored via DATATRAX™ with information distributed to the NOC facility in real time. These units are also monitored via NOC Engineers 24/7 by physical inspection every 4 hours.
The power area (outside)
The datacenter's electrical infrastructure is broken into three primary zones within the datacenter (A, B, C). Zone A services ˝ of the datacenter with electricity. Zone B services the remaining ˝ of the datacenter and Zone C overlays the entire datacenter creating a complete redundancy in electricity.

The South generator is a 1 Megawatt – 12 cylinder diesel generator sitting atop a 2000 gallon diesel tank. This generator supplies electricity for zone C and has a maximum runtime of 15 days with onsite fuel. Offsite fuel contracts have SLA requirements of 4 hours for a refuel.

Utilizing both generators and complete power redundancy, this means that there is 100% uptime on all electrical systems. Diesel generators can run indefinitely and are monitored by the DATATRAX™ monitoring system.
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